Sony goes green with 'Eco Edition' Vaio

Sony goes green with 'Eco Edition' Vaio

Graphic Splash notebooks available in limited quantities

Sony has underscored its environmental commitment with the launch of a Graphic Splash Eco Edition range of notebooks.

The notebooks are part of Sony's Vaio FZ line and are available in four designs: Caribbean Water, Clay Earth, Spotted Life and Bloom.

Sony has promised to donate one per cent of the price of each notebook to non-profit organisations working to preserve the environment via an alliance of businesses committed to creating a healthier environment.

The electronics giant is also offering rebates to consumers who trade in used PCs. Customers can bring their old PCs to a Sony Style store to be recycled and will be issued with a credit toward a new Vaio notebook.

The Vaio portfolio uses packaging comprised primarily of recyclable materials, and components that comply with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive which are free of materials such as lead. Sony also offers a battery recycling programme.

The Vaio Graphic Splash Eco Edition notebooks are available in limited quantities and start at about $1,400.