Sony Cyber-shot T2 Digital Camera - First Look

Sony Cyber-shot T2 Digital Camera - First Look

Sony Cyber-shot T2 Digital Camera - PreviewHold it. Snap. One picture in camera.

Do that a thousand times and it's time to switch memory cards. Or is it?

The new Cyber-shot T2 is snazzy, small and boxy. But its big redeemer is its Doraemon-like storage pocket. While it cannot produce a gadget for every occasion like the robotic kitty, in the world of internal storage, 4GB is a formidable amount. In fact, it's twice more than the 2GB Cyber-shot G1. So you can save on that pricey Memory Stick if you want to.

Sony Cyber-shot T2 Digital Camera - ReviewAnd while the T2 is a step up, storage-wise, from the G1, it also bears a passing resemblance to the newly reviewed T200. The T2 has a 2.7-inch touchscreen and the same Smile Shutter (auto captures pictures when a smile is detected).

Sony Cyber-shot T2 Digital Camera - First LookYou are also buying gimmicks when you get the T2. It has a scrapbook feature for creative image playback on the camera and a "sharemark" folder that stores content for eventual upload to the Web with the Sony PMB Portable software. The software is directly linked to sites like Flickr and YouTube, but there are no details as to whether you can add in your preferred content-sharing site.

According to Sony Electronics Asia Pacific, the T2 will be on sale in Asia by November. Pricing info was unavailable at press time.