Silverjet upgrades to a gold-level service

Silverjet upgrades to a gold-level service

Airline improves customer service by giving staff access to improved passenger information

Business-class airline Silverjet has implemented new contact centre software to improve customer service by providing operators with complete passenger information history.

The firm’s call centre has been brought back in-house, and by giving staff access to customer and booking information and details of all previous correspondence by phone, email and SMS, the airline aims to use IT to take the hassle out of travel with a more personalised service.

The company has integrated Datasquirt’s web-based communication tool, Contact, with its hosted automatic call distribution and reservation systems.

A call from a recognised number triggers the system to present customer interaction history, so the airline can respond to individual needs.

‘We are focusing on the end-to-end travel experience and the new software in the call centre keeps an audit trail of all communication with the customer so agents can answer the phone in a highly personalised way.

Customer feedback over the past two months has been very positive,’ said Silverjet IT director George Henderson.

‘When we launched the company, we made a decision to outsource the call centre to a travel company for speed, but we brought it back in-house after a year’s contract to have better control over quality.’

Call centre operators can send messages to customers via SMS, email and e-fax or by traditional fax and phone calls.

‘We can send SMS alerts about traffic delays and we have more plans for SMS use. Our customers are business travellers or upmarket leisure travellers who spend a lot of time on their mobile phone,’ said Henderson.

Future plans include mobile confirmation of flight status and meal selection.
Other plans include building a web site for mobile phones to view information and integrating hotels with flight purchase.

A project due in spring 2008 will give pilots electronic flight bags to rep lace briefcases with manuals. ‘We would be able to give pilots updates about the aircraft safety bulletins,’ said Henderson.