SAP ponders TomorrowNow sale

SAP ponders TomorrowNow sale

The subsidiary's chief executive has resigned after legal disputes with Oracle

SAP is considering the sale of US maintenance division TomorrowNow, following the resignation of chief executive Andrew Nelson and several other senior managers.

In March SAP's main rival Oracle accused TomorrowNow of hacking into its networks to steal product information. SAP admitted that its subsidiary had made "inappropriate" downloads, but denied that TomorrowNow had access to Oracle's intellectual property.

The support company is now under the stewardship of executive chairman Mark White, who was appointed in July. TomorrowNow is currently focusing on maintaining its services and assuring the retention of key managerial staff, said White.

“Our primary focus is TomorrowNow’s existing customers, who will be supported through this management transition."

“SAP is prepared to manage through these changes to ensure that TomorrowNow’s obligations to its current customers are met.”