PlayStation Store comes to the PC

PlayStation Store comes to the PC

No PS3? No problem

Sony has launched its PlayStation Store for the PC in North America, allowing PlayStation Portable (PSP) users to access PlayStation Network games, video content and services over the internet.

The free service allows users to establish a PlayStation Network account, download free content or purchase content directly from the store to their PSP without the need for a PlayStation 3 console.

PSP users can now download classic PlayStation game titles through the PC store as well as all-new PSP titles.

In addition, trailers for forthcoming titles, add-on game items, promotional videos and themes for PSP that allow users to customise their PSP menu colour, background and icons on the XrossMediaBar are also available.

"PlayStation Store for the PC will give the millions of PSP users who do not yet own a PS3 access to PlayStation Network," said Peter Dille, senior vice president of marketing and PlayStation Network at Sony Computer Entertainment America.

"This will also enhance the online entertainment experience for users who own both a PSP and PS3 whether they are at home or on the road."