PC-Ware aims for £35m turnover

PC-Ware aims for £35m turnover

VAR also revealed it wants to get more involved with software as a service offerings

IT and software reseller PC-Ware has said it plans to increase its turnover by 30 per cent this year to £35m.

PC-Ware claimed to be on track to meet this target as it unveiled its second quarter results for 2007/08. The VAR reported a 41 per cent growth in IT consulting and services; an 8.7 per cent growth in its system house segment; and a 2.2 per cent increase in its software.

Mike Chambers, UK managing director of PC-Ware, said: “PC-Ware is hoping to turn over £35m this year. Our business structure is 60 per cent software licensing, 20 per cent hardware and 20 per cent software asset management.

"PC-Ware wants to increase its involvement with software as a service (SaaS), " added Chambers.

Vertiy Affleck, UK commercial & alliance manager at PC-Ware, said: “PC-Ware’s flavour of SaaS is that it kills two birds with one stone. A lot of SMEs are outsourcing their IT buying as there is no risk of license compliancy. This in turn is helping to grow our turnover, as PC-Ware’s customers are looking for earlier deployment, without having to worry about the back end of the infrastructure.”

“SaaS is now a hot topic compared to stand alone software licenses," she added.