Online campaign tool to help VARs unveiled

Online campaign tool to help VARs unveiled

Distributor Bell Micro has launched an online campaign marketing tool to help its reseller base drive sales.

CampaignWORKS is a template-driven programme that allows VARs to create tailor-made, direct-mail pieces, e-shots and telemarketing scripts. Campaigns can be produced using company logos, vendor authorisation logos and contact details as a way of creating an in-house marketing campaign, quickly and at a reduced cost.

Denise Carn, marketing manager at Bell Micro, said: “CampaignWORKS was developed on the success of Campaign in a Box. This was limited to Bell Micro’s sales team, who would speak directly to resellers about their products and campaign. But this tool is online and is easier to access and use.”

Carn added that smaller resellers are stretched enough and the tool allows them to build a campaign quickly and inexpensively.

“The tool has been developed over the past six months and now covers consolidation, virtualisation and green IT. Resellers can choose their own art styles to create branding and ensure continuity.”

Anthony Young , director of services and security at Bell Micro, added: “There is a small contribution that resellers have to make, but most of this goes towards copyright issues and an initial set-up charge.”

Karen Adams, marketing director at HP channel partner Selway Moore, said: “CampaignWORKS allows us to be proactive and whereas the turnaround time on a campaign is normally quite slow, this is much faster.”