Northgate wins over Wigan Council

Northgate wins over Wigan Council

The ambitious reseller wins yet another public sector contract

VAR Northgate Information Solutions has bagged a four year contract with Wigan Council to provide a citizen-relationship management service.

The £400,000 contract is aimed at encouraging Wigan’s council to deliver continuous improvements in public services, citizens and businesses.

Peter Livesey, assistant director of finance and IT at Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council, said: “Wigan council is committed to delivering a sustainable programme of improvements based on our citizens’ needs.

Northgate has a shared commitment in developing first-class public services that will radically improve customer service and benefit the people of Wigan for years to come. We are delighted to be working with them as we strive to deliver our vision of excellence,” added Livesey.

Joe Bradley, managing director of local government and social housing at Northgate Public Services, said: “Northgate is proud to be working in partnership with Wigan council in order to deliver the best public services for the local community.”

“It is imperative that public authorities meet the increasing needs and expectations of the public. They must also deliver sustainable services to all, including the most vulnerable citizens. We look forward to supporting the council in this innovative programme,” said Bradley.

A Joint Service Centre (JSC) is also under development which will enable agencies such as the police, fire service and the voluntary sector to deliver citizen centred services. The JSC is expected to complete and commence in early 2011.