New web site could provide IT training aid

New web site could provide IT training aid

Byte Me Tv launches with a mission to demystify technology

A new web site launched last week that could solve IT managers’ staff training headaches and improve personal internet security and IT awareness.

Byte Me TV is the brainchild of IT consultant Gary Schwartz and features regular five to ten minute video casts in which Schwartz and former page 3 model Keeley Hazell discuss various IT-related issues including phishing and how to protect your PC from malware.

Although some of the current content is consumer-focussed, there are plans to expand the platform into the corporate market, as a low-cost, effective way to train staff in IT basics or deliver information including corporate meetings and presentations on demand and to a remote audience, according to Schwartz.

“It’s about making technology easier for people to understand, because a lot of people are frightened of it,” he added. “They’re short podcasts which get all the information across in an entertaining way.”

There is also interactive functionality including a feature which gives users the ability to click on certain objects within the video, which then brings up relevant information on that subject.

Upcoming plans for the platform include ‘Quick Bytes’ – shorter videos featuring expert IT advice, and also ‘Byte Me Extras’ – a series of podcasts designed to be viewed in sequence and used as an in-depth educational course, according to the firm.