New tool combats corporate card misuse

New tool combats corporate card misuse

So Protect Me launches new software to support internet usage policies

Security vendor So Protect Me has launched a solution designed to protect against credit card misuse on and off the corporate network and help firms to combat low staff productivity.

The Payment Blocker can be easily deployed over the IT system and augments IT policies around content security and internet usage, according to the firm's chief executive, Raj Curwen. It can also be used to prevent staff fraudulently using their corporate credit cards, he added.

"Our software asks the question 'should you be doing this?', and it helps businesses protect themselves from substantial losses in productivity," said Curwen.

The product can be remotely and centrally managed by the IT department and can be fine tuned to block certain sites, users, individual card numbers or access at certain points of the day, explained Curwen

"Some IT outsourcers are keen on the product from a monitoring point of view – to see what their customers are doing," Curwen added. "There's also a zero-tolerance option that will block payment on all machines – but it's down to individual organisations to enforce the policies they want."