Mozilla Firefox version 3 beta released to developers

Mozilla Firefox version 3 beta released to developers

Beta of the new Firefox 3 released for feedback

Mozilla has released a beta of version 3 of its Firefox browser. Currently aimed at testers and developers, the new browser boasts improved security features, better personalisation, and enhanced ease of use.

The firm is looking for feedback on its enhancements to the browser, specifically in the following areas. The improved security features, including tighter controls on SSL error pages, anti-virus, within its download manager, and a version checker for insecure plug-ins. It's richer personalization features, such as one-click bookmarking, smart searches, improved use of history and bookmark folders.

The firm has also improved some of the platform features, its graphics and font rendering architecture, and its ease of use in general.

You can download Firefox 3 Beta 1 here.