Microsoft unveils security management console

Microsoft unveils security management console

Console targets mutliple Exchange and Sharepoint installations

Microsoft has unveiled a management console for its Forefront security suite.

The new Forefront Server Security Management Console lets IT administrators manage security software for Microsoft's messaging and collaboration products such as Forefront Security for Exchange Server, Forefront Security for SharePoint and Microsoft Antigen products.

Microsoft expects that the console will especially appeal to firms running multiple Exchange and Sharepoint servers.

Forefront is Microsoft's enterprise grade suite of security products and is gradually getting rolled out. The firm last May released an anti-virus product and last year launched its security product for Exchange Server. Microsoft claims that 20 per cent of Exchange server customers currently run Forefront and boasts 1.2 million Forefront evaluation downloads over the past 12 months.

Microsoft tagets the consumer security market with its OneCare suite.