Micro-P throws weight behind fixITlocal

Micro-P throws weight behind fixITlocal

Broadline distributor will offer resellers a series of solution bundles on fixITlocal’s website

DMSL has hooked up with broadline distributor Micro Peripherals (Micro-P) in a bid to bring more cut-price bundles to members of its fixITlocal scheme.

The fixITlocal concept, which routes calls from stricken end-users to resellers in their local area, was unveiled back in July to allow small VARs to compete with PC World's TechGuys and the Carphone Warehouse's Geek Squad.

Since then, BT broadband distributor DMSL claims more than 400 resellers have signed up.

The agreement with Micro-P allows DMSL to offer a series of solution bundles and initiatives to partners on the fixITlocal website. The site already provides preferential offers from vendors including BT and FSC.

John Carter, managing director of DMSL, said: “Micro-P has excellent relationships with a number of leading vendors and we expect this agreement to deliver some very good opportunities to fixITlocal resellers.

“The whole rationale of fixITlocal is to encourage local businesses to do business with local resellers and by bringing these special offers to the table, we can make the service even more valuable and more attractive - and generate even more potential sales.”

With DMSL hungry for further recruits, Micro-P has agreed to promote the fixITlocal concept to its base of several thousand resellers.

“We already have good coverage right across the UK - even in the far north of Scotland and the farthest corners of Cornwall, Wales and Northern Ireland, but we can still have room for more. We will be stepping up our marketing activities over the coming weeks and expect to keep our members busy,” said Carter.

Mark Kahr, commercial director, at Micro-P, said: “By working in partnership, Micro P and fixITlocal can help resellers to highlight the benefits that they can deliver to locally-based customers and open up more business opportunities.”