LG upgrades dual-format DVD drive

LG upgrades dual-format DVD drive

New combo drive writes Blu-ray discs 'considerably faster'

LG Electronics has launched an upgrade to its dual-format HD-DVD and Blu-ray optical drive.

The Korean firm is one of only a handful of manufacturers currently selling a disc drive that supports both next-generation optical storage formats.

However, media suitable for the new drive's high-speed Blu-ray writing does not appear to be easily available.

Like LG's existing dual-format drive, the new drive can write to Blu-ray disks, DVDs and CDs, as well as read HD-DVD disks.

However, the new combo drive will write Blu-ray discs considerably faster, LG claimed. The drive boosts Blu-ray writing speed by 30 per cent to six times the base speed specified by the original Blu-ray standard.

Blu-ray discs guaranteed to be writable at 6x speed appear difficult or impossible to purchase. Although manufacturers such as TDK have demonstrated 6x media, most online retailers are currently offering 2x media only.

LG has also sharply reduced the price of the 6x drive compared to the 4x version released in June. LG predicts a price of less than $550, compared to more than $1,000 for the older model.

The new drive appears to be the GGW-H20N which was first announced in July at the IFA Consumer Electronics Show.

"The Super Multi Blue drive can store 10 DVD movies and reproduce high-definition video clips from footage recorded by HD camcorders or digital cameras," said an LG Electronics spokesperson.

"The Super Multi Blue drive also allows high-definition images and high quality audio since it can store uncompressed audio."