LG R200-Q Notebook PC - First Look

LG R200-Q Notebook PC - First Look

LG R200-Q Laptop PC - PreviewCore 2 Duo T7300 Processor 2.0GHz, 1GB RAM

The LG R200-Q is the third notebook since the ASUS W5Fe to include a secondary LCD display on the top cover, and an upgrade of the LG Z1. This additional feature takes advantage of Windows Vista SideShow technology which allows access to multimedia files, emails, system information, etc., all without having to turn the machine on. But unlike the bulbous ASUS model, LG got the design right with the R200-Q.

Besides the SideShow LCD, the R200-Q is one of the few notebooks in the 12.1-inch category to incorporate a discrete graphics card (the Dell XPS M1210 is another notable example). Unfortunately, its high price tag puts it out of reach for the average consumer.


Integrated into the glossy black top cover is a secondary LCD panel. As mentioned, this takes advantage of Vista's SideShow technology that allows access to files and Outlook information without having to boot into the operating system. We like the touch-sensitive buttons, which are reminiscent of LG's Chocolate phone series. We could play music and view images on the secondary display. However, it must be noted that emails and calendar appointments have to be synchronized to the SideShow partition when the machine is turned on as the external LCD does not pull data real-time.

Though its looks are a major selling factor, the LG R200-Q is also more powerful than most other 12.1-inch portables. Instead of Intel's integrated video solution, this notebook went with an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2300 graphics engine (GPU) instead. Granted the HD 2300 is a low-end solution, but it's nonetheless superior to any integrated GPU and more than sufficient for the casual gamer. And unlike the XPS M1210, the R200-Q is relatively slim and portable with a heft of only 1.91kg.

Marketed as a premium model, we were glad to see that it also has an adequate warranty coverage which spans three years. Like Fujitsu, the first year covers the machine internationally. Subsequently the unit's warranty converts to local.


The glossy black exterior is exceptionally attractive when in showroom conditions, but a hassle to maintain as it picks up fingerprint oils too easily. Frankly, we feel that glossy surfaces shouldn't be used in ultraportables and thin-and-lights as laptops in these categories are meant to be carried around.

We were surprised that for a premium model, a Webcam was nowhere to be found. Built-in video cameras have become rather common and, given the popularity of video chats, this could be a deal-breaker for some which is especially bad for this model given its price.

Priced at S$3,299 (US$2,170.87), this unit is not one for the mass market. If you can live without the innovative SideShow LCD and discrete graphics chipset, the LG R200-G version is alot more affordable at S$2,499 (US$1,644.27)