The IT sector is still failing women

The IT sector is still failing women

New research finds that women still face problems in getting IT roles

Women are still facing discrimination in the IT sector, according to research undertaken by the GCS IT Recruitment Specialists.

The research was based on a survey of 86 women selected from the GCS database who have been recruited into the IT sector and from the British Computing Society’s women’s forum.

While 56 per cent of women believe the IT sector still has a “glass ceiling,” the research shows these beliefs are well founded with 35 per cent of respondents stating there was not a single woman in their company’s top-five senior positioned staff members.

The women surveyed also believe they are treated unfairly, with 49 per cent of respondents believing a male colleague with the same skill set has been promoted ahead of them during their career, and 41 per cent of women believing their last pay rise was not equitable to their male colleagues.

GCS IT Recruitment Specialists are sponsors of this year’s British Computing Society’s Women in IT Award. The winner, to be announced in December, “will be a company that can demonstrate how it is encouraging women in the workplace through such initiatives as flexible working patterns, career development opportunities and support networks,” said the recruitment firm.