IMRG offers new home delivery options

IMRG offers new home delivery options

The Interactive Media in Retail Group has released software that could help firms expand their delivery options

Interactive Media In Retail Group (IMIG), the e-retail industry body, has launched IDIS Delivery Manager, web-based software that enables organisations selling online to manage different delivery options.

IDIS DM has an automated toolset that allows users to select and price different delivery options. It also handles the backend operations, outward communications and status reporting. The software is scalable and can be used by small organizations shipping 20 parcels a day or large retails shipping 20,000 parcels a day, IDIS said.

The software, which costs £100, can be set up in a day, requires no integration and provides access to all of the UK’s B2C carriers, including Royal Mail, Parcelforce, DHL and ANC. There is a pay-as-you-go charge based on the number of parcels dispatched.

IDIS DM provides delivery options at the point of order, automatic carrier allocation and removes the need for manual data entry and label printing.

Retailers can demo the system and apply for a trial on the metapack web site.