Imago sprouts into Brussels

Imago sprouts into Brussels

Video communications distributor's latest acquisition will give it access to wider Benelux region

Imago has acquired Belgian video communications distributor Aims-Optronics in a seven-figure deal.

The acquisition, was mainly done in a shares deal rather than cash, confirmed Ian Vickerage, managing director of Imago Group plc.

"We always planned to develop sales in other part of Europe, and Aims-Optronics is a Polycom distributor in Belgium. The deal also means we have acquired the rights to distribute Polycom across the Benelux region."

Vickerage said the Belgian firm's name will be changed to Imago and all staff will be kept on board.

He added the acquisition was the first of many more across Europe.

"You can definitely expect to see some more acquisitions and we have a potential acquisition on the table at the moment. We are getting huge benefits from working on an international basis and we are very excited about these new developments in Benelux," Vickerage said.