HP Pavilion dv2600 Notebook PC - First Look

HP Pavilion dv2600 Notebook PC - First Look

HP Pavilion dv2600 Notebook PC - PreviewFunctionally, there is little to differentiate the HP Pavilion dv2600 from the older dv2500 mode. Both are portable entertainment machines with a nice array of touch-sensitive multimedia controls and compatibility with the xb3000 expansion base. Digging a little deeper into the specification sheets, however, will uncover that the dv2600 uses the new range of Intel's T7000 series Core 2 Duo chip and that the memory can be upgraded to a maximum of 4GB (the dv2500 can accept only 2GB). There is even an option for a large 250GB harddisk in selected models.

But let's face it. The reason people will choose the dv2600 over the older dv2500 model is not because of this marginal improvement in specs. The key selling point is the HP Verve Imprint on the top cover. Unlike Dell and Sony which offer a range of colors for their new consumer line, HP has gone down another road by offering unique print impressions on the top cover.


When the Pavilion dv2000 series was launched over a year ago, it made in impression with its unique HP Imprint cover, curvy body and backlit touch-sensitive buttons. All these are still present in the HP dv2600, but the top lid has been redesigned with a limited-edition Verve imprint which adds brownie points to its aesthetic value.

HP Pavilion dv2600 Notebook PC - ReviewLooks aside, the Pavilion dv2600 has the performance needed to deliver quality entertainment. It's Core 2 Duo processor and discrete Nvidia graphics card allows high-definition content to be rendered with ease. There is even a mini remote control for use when the unit is at a distance. The Altec Lansing speakers give better audio output than most other thin-and-light units, though there are two headphone jacks (one of which is S/PDIF-compatible) for hooking up to external horns.

For those where video conferencing is a way of life, the built-in Webcam will certainly come in handy. The dv2600 includes almost all standard connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ethernet ports, making it suitable for normal everyday computing tasks.


Though we like the design, we have a problem with its size. At almost 40mm thick with a weight of 2.4kg, the dv2600 almost rivals some midsize machines when it comes to heft. The MacBook Pro, despite its larger 15.4-inch screen, is slimmer and almost as light as the 14.1-inch Pavilion.

With LCD TV becoming more prevalent, one of the key features for a serious entertainment notebook is the inclusion of a DVI or HDMI port. Though the dv2500 offers HDMI as an option (replacing one of the USB ports), the dv2600 is out of luck.


If you do not believe that personalization is a simple matter of colors, then the limited edition Verve imprint on the HP dv2600 might make the difference. Though it is a competent entertainment portable, the lack of a HDMI connection may be a deal breaker for some.