HP closes shutter on camera production

HP closes shutter on camera production

Company shifts focus to printers

HP has announced that it will be offloading its digital camera business to a third-party manufacturer.

The company will sustain its brand through the holiday season and will seek out an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to take over the production and distribution of all HP digital cameras.

The cameras will retain the HP branding, and the company expects to take a $30m charge as a result of the move.

HP said that it will focus on its printer business, and in particular its Print 2.0 campaign. Printers and inks accounted for roughly 25 per cent of HP's $25bn in revenue in the most recent quarter.

Print 2.0 was launched in May as an effort to carve out a niche for HP printers within web-based applications.

The campaign has included the launch of browser-based photo and design services as well as a reinvigorated photo kiosk line for retailers.

Print 2.0 has also seen HP's first foray into commercial printing with a line of high-end printers for graphics and publishing houses.