Greenpeace piles pressure on Nintendo

Greenpeace piles pressure on Nintendo

Console maker scores first ever zero rating for environmental friendliness

Nintendo has scored the first ever zero rating for environmental friendliness in the Guide to Green Electronics published by Greenpeace.

Greenpeace included TV and console manufacturers for the first time in its regular survey of the IT industry as it believes they generate a significant proportion of new electronic waste, particularly with the digital switchover.

Nintendo managed to get the Guide's only recorded 0/10, a first for the industry.

"Nintendo has the dubious honour of being the first company to score 0/10 in the Guide," said Greenpeace.

"Microsoft did little better, scoring only 2.7. Philips is the lowest TV maker scoring only 2.0. The companies are new to the Guide, so they have plenty of room for improvement."

There was also bad news for mobile phone companies in the Greenpeace report. Nokia and Motorola fell in the rankings after failures in the handset makers' hardware return services.

Greenpeace used hidden cameras to determine whether shops were taking back old handsets, and found that staff were either unaware of company recycling schemes or gave misleading information.

Nokia dropped from top position to ninth, and Motorola dropped from ninth position to 14th.

"Companies should not be under any illusion that we will not check up on their claims of green greatness," said Iza Kruszewska, toxics campaigner at Greenpeace International.

Returns problems were a issue for most brands, including the greenest manufacturer Sony Ericsson.

Samsung and Sony surged into the number two and three slots in the Greenpeace rankings after eliminating toxic chemicals from their products.