Google brings Gadgets to Mac OS X

Google brings Gadgets to Mac OS X

Software will run as Dashboard widgets

Google has released a Mac OS X version of its Gadgets utility.

The software allows users to install and manipulate small utility programs, such as calendars, clocks and weather reports.

Google Gadgets had previously been available to Mac users through the search giant's online Gadgets service or via third-party translators.

While the Windows version of Gadgets functions as a part of Google's Desktop software, the Mac version will piggyback on Apple's own software.

Apple has a similar product built in to OS X called Dashboard. The new software places Google's Gadgets on the Dashboard screen next to the Apple widgets, allowing access to both sets of utilities at the same time.

Google has also updated the Gadgets application programming interface, claiming that developers will be able to make Gadgets work on the Mac version of the software with little to no change in code.

The update will allow developers to create Gadgets for all three versions of the application at once, but Google noted that Gadgets which rely on Windows-specific APIs or programs will not work with the Mac version.