GNER's e-tickets pull in

GNER's e-tickets pull in

New ticket booking system will enable mobile and print-at-home ticketing

Train operator GNER is preparing to launch a new web site and online ticket sales system later this month.

The ticket booking engine has been developed by IT services company Atos Origin and user design specialist Flow Interactive.

It is integrated with customer relationship management tools and is designed to support future initiatives such as print-at-home and mobile ticketing.

“The user interface has been developed alongside the technology,” said Emma Passey, e-commerce manager for GNER.

“We did not want to bolt on a user interface at the end and find it’s a disaster, so at every issue of the design phase we have tested it with all types of users, from students to business travellers.”

The site is being tested by passengers in a live, pre-launch pilot.

“We need to go through an accreditation process as it hooks into other industry systems such as the national reservation database, and money from sales has to be allocated to individual operators,” said Passey.