Detica's profits up 70 per cent

Detica's profits up 70 per cent

The UK government's eBorders contract has helped to lift sales to £98.8m

Profit at UK technology consultancy Detica was up 70 per cent to £10.3m in the first half of the year and revenue jumped 45 per cent to £98.8m.

Detica has benefited from its success in joining the government's eBorders scheme, which will screen every visitor to the UK against watch lists prior to their arrival in the country.

"The eBorders win has come at an opportune time," said Ovum analyst David Bradshaw.

"It will provide plenty of scope for staff redeployment and should help ensure Detica's continues to perform well at a group level over the next couple of years.

"Even in the financial services sector, times are set to be tough but Detica's strong focus on information management should enable it to remain more resilient than many of its competitors," he said.