Dell wants to find 'hidden data centres'

Dell wants to find 'hidden data centres'

Data centre upgrades can show hidden powers

Data centres are in desperate need of upgrades and automation and doing so could reveal hidden clusters of computing power, Dell chief executive Michael Dell argues.

In his keynote address to delegates at Oracle Open World, Dell warned that too often he was finding that data centres were being crippled by bad management and poor technology. He said this could not continue as the power and storage demands of IT reached crisis point.

"I can't help but think as I walk into a data centre how many hidden data centres we would find if it was run properly.

"As you scale up your data centre, we want you to be able to find hidden data centres that you've missed. Virtualisation holds a lot of promise in this."

He explained that many data centres were not using their resources effectively and if operations were optimised then the resultant power unleashed would amount to almost a new data centre, that had previously been hidden.

Dell warned that the IT industry was facing a crisis. According to analysts the industry was already generating more data than the available storage capacity and that data load would increase sixfold by 2011.

Meanwhile power use was also out of control. Research has shown that 1.5 per cent of US power use is down to servers, and in the future many would fail because of power outages or brownouts.

"Gartner is predicting future is brown, but that's unacceptable - the future is green," he said.

He said that next year Dell would be releasing a reference architecture called Greenprint. It would be used to calculate the greenness of businesses and provide a framework for cutting costs and increasing efficiency though better use of hardware and software.

"For peak efficiency you need to standardise, consolidate and automate," said Mark Sunday, chief information office of Oracle.

"Also, use virtualisation wherever possible."