Crackle pops up with ad network

Crackle pops up with ad network

Sony video sharing site unveils new partnerships

Sony's Crackle video sharing website has announced its first major round of advertising partnerships since launching in July.

Crackle has attracted major brands including Pepsi, Honda, Epson and Vodafone.

"We started by bringing the best available content to Crackle and now some of the biggest and best advertisers are lining up," said Mike Sitrin, vice president of partnerships at Crackle.

Sitrin added that Crackle offers the ability to easily deploy ads across its global viral syndication network using a custom-built player which delivers media-rich ads to millions of viewers in targeted markets within short time frames.

"There is demand in international markets for US video content," said Travis Howe, senior vice president of digital sales at Sony Pictures Television.

"However, with current video penetration levels abroad, there are limited opportunities for local advertisers to be cutting edge with online video advertising.

"Sony is constantly looking for new audiences and new opportunities for our advertisers. Crackle offers opportunities to uniquely integrate international brands with content, all through Crackle's new global syndication."