Consumers want free content

Consumers want free content

Advertising will be critical for media companies to survive

Consumers are downloading more media content online without wanting to pay for it, according to a YouGov poll.

More than 30 per cent are downloading free film and TV content, and 43 per cent are accessing free music – three times as many as those paying for content.

Media producers need to find alternative revenue models, said Matthew Phillips, Media, Communications and Technology Partner at solicitors Olswang, which commissioned the research.

"New challenges are facing broadcasters, rights holders and service providers who are keen to target these consumers but need to overcome the issue of reluctance to pay," he said.

Advertising is likely to become the natural alternative as companies target an audience that is willing to accept adverts - as long as the content is free.

While 84 per cent of respondents said they found online ads intrusive and 75 per cent admit to actively trying to avoid pop ups, 46 per cent are willing to put up with adverts if it means they can get TV or movies for free.