Consumers tune into HD streaming video

Consumers tune into HD streaming video

Move Networks claims 100,000 new streaming users a day

Consumers are rapidly adopting internet streaming technologies, and a growing number are now watching near-HD or HD content online.

Move Networks, a provider of digital media publishing and delivery services, said that more than 20 million unique viewers had used its network to watch near-HD or HD video content online.

The company claims that it is currently capturing more than 100,000 new unique streaming video viewers every day, supporting an average viewing time of more than 50 minutes per session.

John Edwards, chief executive at Move Networks, said: "Today's publishers want to grab the attention of viewers and our statistics demonstrate that high quality video will garner the attention the publishers are seeking."

He added that viewers watched more than 15 million hours of Move-enabled near-HD or HD premium video content online in October.

More than twice the number of viewers watched long-form video online in November than watched in the entire month of August, the company claimed.