Complete the script for John Malkovich

Complete the script for John Malkovich

Sony creates an opportunity like no other with John Malkovich

Sony is yet again expanding access to the world of John Malkovich through its portal with an on-line script challenge judged by the award winning actor and producer. Fans and aspiring writers can now write the next chapter of a script started by John on the site. Scripts can be submitted in five different languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Since its launch in October has attracted curious visitors keen to find out more about John’s world and those things which influence him. It contains a series of short films which capture John as he describes these influences, memories, likes and musings with often unusual sources of inspiration. Through the site Sony aims to inspire others to consider how they seek and capture creative thoughts.

The on-line script writing challenge will allow others to be inspired by John’s initial chapter and decide for themselves how the story should unfold. Having submitted their chapter to the website, both John and visitors to the site can vote for their favourite entry before it is linked to the master script. Over a period of 4 months one scene will be selected each month from entries all over Europe. VAIO with John hope to create a seamless story-line, albeit one we will not know the final conclusion to until the last chapter is added.

The project is something John is excited by; “Conventional wisdom says you can’t do science fiction with say...period drama. Or maybe you can?”

The final story will be published on in March 2008.

The VAIO Script Challenge forms part of a collaborative project with John Malkovich to capture creative influences and encourage people to think in a unique and creative way. Sony and John were drawn together for this project by their mutual desire to encourage creativity. For many years John has used a VAIO notebook to record things that inspire him. Through the web site, Sony wants to provide a wide audience access to such an exceptional individual like John who can inspire others to explore various approaches to everyday life.