Communigate UK issues VAR alert

Communigate UK issues VAR alert

Partner programme will benefit hardware VARs, claims UC provider

Unified communications (UC) provider Communigate UK has claimed hardware VARs will benefit from the launch of its first partner programme aimed at the enterprise sector.

To date, the vendor has had very little presence outside the US but is aiming to grow across Europe, with the UK a key focus area.

Communigate has confirmed it will look to recruit about 15 partners in the UK in the first six months of the programme and stated that its main objective is to train resellers to implement UC solutions.

Simon Paton, UK managing director of Communigate, said: “This is an opportunity for hardware resellers who deal with the likes of Sun, HP and IBM to add software as part of their package.

“The programme will show firms how UC can work for them. We are creating a platform from which resellers will benefit.”

Kristian Connor, sales director at HP reseller AN4 Group, said: “The idea sounds interesting. Any additional products that can be added to our portfolio are always of interest.”