Climate Savers energy-efficiency group lists green kit

Climate Savers energy-efficiency group lists green kit

Online catalogue promotes worthy energy saving products

The Climate Savers Computing Initiative has published an online catalogue helping firms find energy-efficient PCs, servers and parts.

The group was set up in June by companies including Google, Intel, HP, Pacific Gas & Electric and the World Wildlife Fund. Available from the Climate Savers web site, the catalogue backs up promises by the body to offer actionable advice to businesses and consumers over which offerings are most energy efficient. The list contains over 300 recommended products including laptops, motherboards, power supplies, and power management software.

A spokesman was not immediately available for comment but in an interview in September, Google energy czar and Climate Savers spokesman Bill Weihl was confident that the efficiency message was getting across to vendors and buyers alike.

“Energy prices are unlikely to go down,” he said. “[Our objective is to be] very actionable with a clear roadmap for several years to get wastage [from power socket to CPU] down from over 50 to 15 per cent.”

Climate Savers’ overall goal is to cut power consumption by half by 2010.