Cisco sets up 40Gbps broadband for DreamHack

Cisco sets up 40Gbps broadband for DreamHack

World's largest gaming event gets world's fastest router

Cisco Systems has joined forces with Telia to supply the world's largest computer and gaming festival with a 40Gbps broadband connection.

"The DreamHack festival is connected to the world's fastest router, the Cisco CRS-1, which has the capacity to let a billion people play online games simultaneously," said Sverker Hannervall, chief executive of Cisco in Sweden.

"The router is proof that the future of the internet has arrived, and that Cisco is the global leader in this segment."

Cisco claims that the CRS-1 has enough capacity to allow every person on the planet to make a VoIP call at the same time, or cater for 15 million people watching streaming HD video simultaneously.

"DreamHack is also what we call DreamLab, a digital platform where tomorrow's technology and our participants meet," said DreamHack chairman David Garpenståhl. "The people that attend DreamHack are very informed and are critical users."

Telia is supplying the fibre optic network that delivers the staggering bandwidth plugged into Cisco's CRS-1, which can handle 92 terabits per second.

This is 1,000 times more data than the capacity of the largest internet hub in Sweden, according to the firm.

DreamHack runs for four days twice a year in Sweden, split into DreamHack Summer and DreamHack Winter. It is also noted in Guinness World Records as the largest local area network party in the world.