Boffins flex carbon nanotube reinforced polymers

Boffins flex carbon nanotube reinforced polymers

Large screen TVs and flexible electronics just two possible applications

Scientists developing optimised carbon nanotubes to reinforce polymers claim to be on the verge of producing a new class of super-strong composite materials.

Researchers from Trinity College have developed an inexpensive scalable technique to grow grid patterns of nanotube arrays.

To maximise the effect of carbon nanotube reinforcement on a polymer thin film, while minimising nanotube content, a controllable way of varying the volume fraction of carbon nanotubes within the composite is needed.

In order to do this, the inter-grid spacing can be tailored as required giving a simple method of controlling the volume fraction of nanotubes grown on substrates.

The research work is expected to lead to incorporation of carbon nanotubes in polymer matrices within flat panel displays, sensors, flexible electronic devices and actuators.

The study has been published in a special edition of the AZoJono open access journal.