Amazon to release Kindle ebook reader

Amazon to release Kindle ebook reader

Amazon is to announce details of its ebook reader in New York

Amazon is expected to make an announcement today in New York that will end months of speculation. The e-commerce firm will announce details of its Kindle gadget, an ebook reader.

Some reviews of the device have already sprung up, including this glowing report, and other than its look the Kinder could be a winner for the firm, and the first ebook reader with consumer appeal. Sony tried with its Reader device, which never took off, but the Kinder, with its wireless connectivity and ability to download ebooks directly from the merchant, could do much better.

The Kindle can hold 200 books, and lets the user download newspapers and other content, such as blog posts. It has a thirty hour battery life, and needs a two hour charge.

No details of a UK release are out, but it is expected to cost $400 in the US.