2e2 hunts skills despite growth

2e2 hunts skills despite growth

Top listing in independent Europe 500 list does not deter VAR in talent search

Ambitious VAR 2e2 has revealed it is still looking to acquire other businesses to increase its skills set and provide customers with a better service, despite being listed as one of Europe’s fastest-growing firms.

The company has been awarded the prestigious Champion of Growth award, after having been placed on the independent Europe 500 list for 2007, which recognises the top 500 fastest-growing organisations, both in employment and turnover, across Europe.

2e2 was listed at number 41 in the UK and 121st across the continent, and expects turnover to hit £250m for 2007. Since it was founded five years ago the firm has made more than 10 acquisitions, which have played a big part in its rapid growth.

“We are absolutely delighted to be on the list,” said Nick Grossman, corporate business development director at 2e2.

“It shows that we are doing something right and we are moving in the right direction.

“We are still looking at other acquisitions. We are particularly interested in technical consultancy and datacentre-related skills.”

Bob Tarzey, service director at analyst Quocirca, said: “There is certainly a requirement for an increase in datacentre expertise.”

Grossman added that despite further acquisitions being considered, he expects 2e2’s growth
to become more controlled.

“We are in an excellent position at the moment, but it is important that we maintain control of the business to ensure its long-term future,” he said.