UK should cash in on new EU for nearshoring – Intellect

UK should cash in on new EU for nearshoring – Intellect

Eastern Europe offers opportunities for offshoring, says trade body Intellect

IT trade group Intellect sees an opportunity for UK firms to use those eastern European countries that have joined the EU for offshoring strategies. The statement comes on the eve of tomorrow’s Trade and Industry Select Committee report on the effects of the newcomers to the super-state.

"Intellect believes that the new member states in eastern Europe, the A-10, provide an excellent opportunity in the short to medium term for Intellect members specifically, and the wider UK economy generally,” the group said in a statement.

“There are a number of benefits to using these states as offshoring locations, and there is potential for UK business to export a number of services to these growing economies. The skills available in these states will also assist UK businesses in filling the skills gap created by the strong growth in the UK IT economy and a reducing number of IT graduates being produced in the UK.”

Intellect is calling for a review by the DTI to educate UK firms on the “nearshoring” opportunity, and for the government to help local software firms compete with eastern European rivals.