UK gamers do battle with Wii light sabre

UK gamers do battle with Wii light sabre

Nottingham's GameCity festival first place in the world to feel the force

LucasArts is to offer UK gamers the first chance to wield the Wii Remote as a light sabre at the GameCity festival in Nottingham on 26 October.

The Wii light sabre will be used to play Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga, which launches on 9 November in the UK.

"Since the first Star Wars film debut 30 years ago, fans have longed for the day when they could fight their own light sabre duels," said a statement from GameCity's organisers.

"Now, thanks to the Wii's motion-sensitive controller, The Complete Saga will finally make that fantasy a reality, allowing players to battle with thrusts and slices of the Remote."

As part of the festival, GameCity is running a dedicated section called Play The Force which celebrates the 30 years of the Star Wars legacy that has spawned more than 120 games.

Jonathan Smith, head of production at Travellers Tales, developer of the Lego Star Wars franchise, will also speak about the development of the saga.