Tool checks for Vista migration issues

Tool checks for Vista migration issues

ScriptLogic launches MSI Readiness Analyser

ScriptLogic has made available a free tool to aid IT departments in planning a migration to Windows Vista. The software analyses applications for potential compatibility issues with Microsoft's next-generation desktop client, but users will need additional software to fix any issues the tool identifies.

The MSI Readiness Analyser, available to download from ScriptLogic's website, checks through the Windows Installer file (.MSI) for an existing application and flags up where administrators can take advantage of new technology in Vista, as well as any potential problems that might occur when installing the application on a Vista system.

"A significant issue for those migrating to Vista is whether applications will run properly when installed on the new operating system. Many companies have home-grown applications. For them, the compatibility is critical to ensuring that business impact is minimised during the migration," said ScriptLogic vice president of marketing Nick Cavalancia.

The MSI Readiness Analyser can be used as a standalone tool, according to ScriptLogic, but was designed to be used in conjunction with the company's Desktop Authority MSI Studio, which enables administrators to package up applications into MSI files for deployment.

Businesses have been slow migrating to Windows Vista, with many citing the complexity of rolling it out across the organisation as one of the chief reasons for delay. Momentum is expected to gather once Microsoft's Service Pack 1 update is released, which is due in the first quarter of 2008. The first beta of SP1 is currently being evaluated by selected Microsoft testers, while a release candidate is due for general release to Windows customers in the near future.