Tolkien gamers get harvest festival

Tolkien gamers get harvest festival

Two and a half weeks of bobbing for apples and dancing

The Lord of the Rings Online multiplayer game is to host its first annual harvest festival for its players.

From 26 October to 12 November 2007 players can celebrate throughout middle-earth by interacting with special vendors, earning unique items and participating in specially-designed quests.

Players can earn special tokens by competing in horse races; playing games of chance such as bobbing for apples in the Shire; harvesting the crops planted during the Summer Solstice Festival in June; or dancing.

"The harvest festival is the second of many seasonal events that we have planned for The Lord of the Rings Online,” said Jeffrey Steefel, executive producer of The Lord of the Rings Online.

"These festivals, coupled with content updates, demonstrate our commitment to delivering the best online experience for our subscribers through a fun, compelling and evolving game."