Tailor-made systems for small firms

Tailor-made systems for small firms

FSC unveils SME storage systems

Fujitsu Siemens Computers (FSC) has unveiled two storage systems designed for SMEs.

The vendor claimed the new products, the FibreCAT SX88 and the TX08, are not just stripped down versions of larger systems.

Sean Haffey, product manager of storage at FSC, said: “Both offer faster performance and are tailored for SMEs. They are not scaled-down versions of products that large enterprises would use.”

The SX88, from FSC’s FibreCAT SX line of disk devices, offers a 4Gbit/s fibre channel connection.

“The product has replaced a battery, used in case of a power cut, with a capacitor. It has enough power to transfer data in cache memory and store it to disk,” said Haffey.

The TX08 enables SMEs to move to automated tape storage. “SMEs don’t have to employ someone to move tapes,” said Haffey.

Gavin Wood, technical services manager at reseller Galtec Solutions, said: “The product line is affordable and economical. It reduces power, which is a hot topic in the channel.”