T-Mobile unveils pay-per-day mobile broadband

T-Mobile unveils pay-per-day mobile broadband

'Unlimited' surfing at £4 a day

T-Mobile has announced that its pay-per-day mobile broadband service will launch on 1 November.

Web'n'Walk Plus Daily is available to new and existing customers, offering the ability to access the internet from a laptop while on the move and without a contract.

The pay-per-day service offers unlimited browsing within T-Mobile's fair usage policy for no more than £4.

Customers will be notified if they are using Web'n'Walk Plus Daily regularly enough to benefit from an upgrade to a monthly contract which costs between £20 and £35.

T-Mobile's fair use policy tops out at 3GB per month, although the operator claims that only persistent offenders will have network protection controls enforced.

A spokesman said that customers will have to purchase the USB modem upfront at a price which has yet to be confirmed.

"We know that consumers value the flexibility of mobile broadband, accessing the internet whenever they want and wherever they are," said Richard Warmsley, head of 'internet on the move' at T-Mobile.

"Now they can try this for just £4 without the constraints of a fixed line. When they are ready, we will happily recommend a monthly mobile broadband plan that gives them even more value at our new reduced prices."

T-Mobile has also cut the prices on its 24-month contract mobile broadband tariffs, Web'n'Walk Plus and Max, effective immediately.

Web'n'Walk Plus, which allows users to browse the web, send and receive email and IM, download and stream, has been reduced from £29 a month to a maximum of £20 a month.

Web'n'Walk Max, which provides the same options as Web'n'Walk Plus as well as internet calling services like Skype, has been cut from £44 a month to never more than £35.