Online software receives boost

Online software receives boost

Hosting provider launches reseller training programm

Hosting provider NTT Europe Online (NTTEO) has launched a channel programme designed to support ISVs and resellers that are geared up to sell software-as-a-service (SaaS).

The programme involves a series of business development sessions at which resellers are taught how to optimise online business opportunities to help make their SaaS portfolio a success.

NTTEO provides a managed hosting platform that ISVs and resellers can use to deliver SaaS.

Rob Steggles, European marketing director at NTTEO, said: “The programme is focused on developing online marketing and sales strategies to help resellers and ISVs change their business model and adapt to an online market.

“Resellers need to understand how they can make the most of these opportunities. They are going to have to reinvent themselves and adapt to an online age.”

He added: “The popularity of SaaS is increasing. It is not going to replace the current sales model, but it is going to co-exist and businesses need to wise up.”

Robert Hobbs, chief executive of NTT partner InPhase, said: “To have access to NTT’s expertise is of great benefit to us.

“We expect the programme to make a significant difference to our business model over the next 12 months.”

Jon Collins, service director at analyst Freeform Dynamics, added: “A lot of companies are not adopting SaaS at present and they are missing a massive opportunity to deliver a new service to customers.”