Nokia N810 Internet Tablet - First Look

Nokia N810 Internet Tablet - First Look

Nokia N810 Internet Tablet - ReviewNokia unveiled the brand new Nokia N810 early this morning at a press briefing in San Francisco. An updated version of Nokia's previous Internet tablets like the N770 and the N800, the N810 is a pure Internet-only device, relying only on Wi-Fi and cellular Bluetooth to get online. Some of the design improvements include a much sleeker look plus a slide-out keyboard to accompany the touchscreen input, which we welcome wholeheartedly. Another big difference is the integration of built-in maps and GPS, so you don't need to connect to the Internet to find your way around.

Nokia is also making a big deal out of how the N810 is very Web 2.0-friendly. The included browser is based on Mozilla technology with Adobe Flash 9 plug-in, and can be used to access all your favorite Web 2.0 sites like Google Docs, Flickr, Facebook, and so forth. This also coincides very nicely with Nokia's own Web portal, Ovi, which provides a "gateway" to these services plus Nokia's own Music Store. The N810 also comes with Voice-over-IP applications like Skype and Gizmo Project, along with a Web camera if you want to do video calls.

In order to be "online" 24/7, Nokia also has purportedly boosted the N810's battery life up to 4 hours of continuous usage, up to 10 hours of music playback, up to 5 days of always online time, and up to 2 weeks of standby time. The internal storage is 2GB. The rest of the N810's features are similar to that of its predecessors. It has instant messaging, email, a media player, an RSS reader, an image viewer, an FM transmitter, and a microSD card slot. The N810 measures around 226 x 72 x 128 mm and has a pretty amazing 4.13-inch widescreen display.

Word is that the Nokia N810 will be available this November for around US$479. If you wish to have the premium voice-guided navigation package from Wayfinder, it'll cost you US$129 on top of that.

In addition to the N810 announcement, Nokia has also announced a partnership with Boingo Mobile if you wish to have access to Wi-Fi no matter where you are for about US$7.95 a month.

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its superb news..nd no doubt really fukin mobile..but nyboyd knw wht d price will be for.. N810