Nokia 3110 Classic Mobile Phone - Review

Nokia 3110 Classic Mobile Phone - Review

Nokia 3110 Classic Mobile Phone - ReviewAs the 'Classic' tag at the end of this phone's name indicates, this is a traditional no-nonsense handset from Nokia aimed at those who want a phone that's simple to use and has decent battery life. The handset is available SIM free or on Pay As You Go for around £90, so it doesn't cost the earth either. Despite this, Nokia hasn't been able to resist throwing in a few surprising extras.

Strengths of the Nokia 3110 Classic Mobile Phone

Nokia's phones have long had a reputation for being easy to use and this tradition has been carried over to the 3110. For the most part it conforms to the classic Nokia menu layout so anyone who's used one of the company's phones before will feel right at home. Nokia has also taken advantage of the phone's chunkier size by kitting it out with larger than usual buttons, which helps to make texting a breeze.

Nokia 3110 Classic Mobile Phone - Back Camera and Side ThicknessThe phone manages to hang on to a good signal even in areas where reception isn't the best and the call quality is also excellent. The speakerphone mode also works particularly well and the battery life is good, as you'll get around 4 hours of talk time out of it.

When it comes to connectivity you're spoiled for choice. The phone has both Bluetooth and infrared support to take care of your wireless needs and there's a mini-USB port at the base of the handset. However, to use this you'll have to purchase your own USB lead and download the free PC Suite software from the Nokia website.

Perhaps surprisingly, the 3110 also has decent music features. There's an onboard FM radio with good reception and also neat music playing applications. It can play songs in popular formats such as MP3, AAC and WMA, although you'll have to invest in a microSD card for storing your tunes, as there isn't one included with the phone.

Weaknesses of the Nokia 3110 Classic Mobile Phone

Most phones these days are becoming smaller and thinner, but with its bulky frame, the 3110 goes against the grain. On the plus side this gives it the advantage of larger buttons that are ideal for texting, but it also means the phone looks distinctly old fashioned, especially next to super trim, low cost rivals like the Sagem my150X.

Also, although the 3110 does have a camera, it's not a very good one. It has a lowly 1.3-megapixel resolution, which makes photos look washed out. It also lacks a flash so it's pretty much useless for taking indoor shots in dimly lit conditions.

We can understand these issues, but what we find harder to fathom is Nokia's decision to ship the handset with mono headphones, despite the fact that it has a built-in music player. It seems like madness because when we tried the phone's music player with a stereo headset from a Nokia 5200, the playback quality was actually very good.


There's very little to get excited about with the 3110 Classic. At around £90, it's designed to appeal to those people who find all the bells and whistles on the latest handsets annoying rather than tempting and on that front it does the job nicely.

The large buttons and clearly laid out menus make it very easy to use and it also has a strong battery life. It's just a shame Nokia hasn't included stereo headphones to let users make the most of its surprisingly good music features.

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I agree with you about the features and problems the 3110 classic has. What I'm surprised about is the headphones. Seems like Nokia shipped different headphones to different places. I got my handset with dual headphones so I did enjoy the sound quality.

By the way, did you also have application problems? You could check my blog ( to know what I'm talking about.

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