Nintendo beats gun and knife ad rap

Nintendo beats gun and knife ad rap

Resident Evil IV advert cleared of being 'offensive and tasteless'

Nintendo has been cleared of creating an advert that glamorised violence, despite nine complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) from television viewers.

The advert for Resident Evil IV showed gamers using the Nintendo Wii Remote controller as a gun and a knife.

Eight of the nine complainants believed the ad glamourised, encouraged and condoned gun and knife use, while two of the nine also found the portrayal of violence in the ad offensive and tasteless.

Countering the complaints, Nintendo said it took the issue of violence in video games very seriously and always ensured that its products were marketed appropriately and to a suitable audience.

"Nintendo explained that the Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre (BACC) had recommended that the ad should be broadcast only after 9pm to keep it away from children," the ASA ruling stated.

"Nintendo said they had complied with that recommendation."

The games company also argued that the ad was carefully edited to mimic the suspense and action from the game without showing any of its more horrifying moments.

The ASA investigated the ad under CAP Broadcast TV Standards Codes for violence and cruelty and offence, but did not find it in breach.