New Gmail boosts user features

New Gmail boosts user features

Google has enhanced its Gmail service with more storage and better integration

Google is rolling out a new version of its Gmail email service. The updated email client will offer many new features, as well as speed and performance boosts.

Email messages will be automatically prefetched, meaning that they are already open within your system. Google said that when a user clicks, the message will load instantly, and without any lag.

A new contact managing tool integrated across the firm's main products, such as Docs and Calendar, giving you one click access to any parties that you might want to share a document, email, or presentation with.

Integration seems to be a key feature of the update, as also included is the ability to open up email attachments in the relevant Google Docs application automatically.

Google also updated the size of consumer user accounts recently. Users of the free service now have a mailbox that is 4.5Gb.