New CMS kid on the block

New CMS kid on the block

E-Spirit launches in the UK with a new content integration product

Enterprises got another option for their content management systems this week with the UK launch of German-based CMS vendor e-Spirit and its flagship product FirstSpirit.

The product is designed to ensure firms can ensure the consistency of information across multiple sites and geographical regions by unlocking the content across their IT systems, according to e-Spirit's UK manager, Gary Palmer.

"We have a situation now where customers have complex and varied IT infrastructures – they may be running SAP, IBM WebSphere and Microsoft for example," he argued. "They are looking for a solution to integrate those systems together and get the content to people in marketing as easily as possible."

FirstSpirit is Java-based, so roll-out can be done far quicker and more cheaply than traditional deployments, while training for normal users takes as little as half a day, Palmer explained.

The firm has also sought to be as vendor agnostic as possible, in order to appeal to as wide a range of potential customers as it can, said director of international business development, Robert Bredlau.

"It's important to be able to integrate with a firms' existing infrastructure, which is why we call FirstSpirit a content integration platform [rather than a CMS]," he added.