New Click to Conference solution

New Click to Conference solution

MeetingZone unveils its latest conference call product

Conference call firm MeetingZone has added a new solution - Click to Conference - to its audio and web conferencing services, designed to give users a quick and easy way to join conference calls.

Participants are sent a conference call link that once clicked on asks for a name and contact number. The MeetingZone system then automatically dials out to the individual and places them in the conference call.

Tim Duffy, MeetingZone chief executive, said the company had conducted market research to find out how conference calls could be enhanced. The challenges customers reported were remembering the dial-in numbers and access codes each time they needed to join a conference call, said Duffy. Click to Conference overcomes these challenges, he added.

The new solution also allows companies to liaise with individuals external to the business and cover the cost of the phone call, according to the firm.