Microsoft updates Windows Live SkyDrive

Microsoft updates Windows Live SkyDrive

Storage doubled to 1GB and RSS added for public folders

Microsoft has doubled the capacity of its SkyDrive online file storage service and added new features, according to an official company blog.

SkyDrive, which is still in beta, allows users to store files that only they can access, share documents with specific friends or allow anyone to view files in an open folder.

In response to customer requests, Microsoft has increased the available storage to 1GB and added RSS feeds so that users can be notified when someone adds a file to a public folder.

SkyDrive will also now allow users to share a folder with people who are not in their address book.

"People asked why they have to go to Hotmail or Messenger to add someone to their address book, and why they can't just do it on SkyDrive itself," said the blog entry.

"We fixed that. Now, you can share with anyone directly from SkyDrive by typing in your friend's email address."

Users will also be able to see who uploaded each individual file, as the information will be added to the general data about the document.