John Laing builds new network

John Laing builds new network

IP VPN will cover 37 sites and support a move to voice over IP

John Laing is rolling out a new network across 37 sites under construction and management.

The company, which runs public sector infrastructure projects, wanted a network that could support a move to voice over IP and meet the needs of its diverse business.

IT services provider Wirebird is delivering the Tiscali IP virtual private network (VPN) for the company, which is currently using the VPN to exchange data between sites at various stages of completion.

When John Laing wins a new project it first sets up a temporary site, which becomes a working project site with many employees.

Once the construction of the project is complete, John Laing then manages the site for a period of usually around 25 years.

All sites are using the communications network for email exchange and Citrix access and all John Laing employees can access their desktop remotely from any of the 37 sites.